Past Perfect Subjunctive

Prerequisite: Participle, Present Subjunctive



Haber (in imperfect subjunctive) + participle

yo hubiera/hubiese bailado
hubieras/hubieses bailado
usted, él, ella hubiera/hubiese bailado
nosotros hubiéramos/hubiésemos bailado
vosotros hubierais/hubieseis bailado
ustedes, ellos, ellas hubieran/hubiesen bailado


1. Used for the same reasons as the present subjunctive.

2. Used when subjunctive verb is in past perfect tense.

e.g. Estaba feliz que hubieras llegado. = I was happy that you had arrived.

e.g. Buscaba a alguien que hubiese viajado mucho. = I was looking for someone that had traveled a lot.

3. Used in if sentences.

e.g. Si hubiera leído, habría entendido. = If I had read, would have understood.


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