The Family


la familia family
los parientes relatives
el padre father
     papá dad
     papi daddy
la madre mother
     mamá mom
     mami mommy
los padres parents
el/la esposo(a) husband, wife, spouse
ex ex
     ex-esposo ex-husband
el/la hijo(a) son, daughter
los hijos children
el/la abuelo(a) grandfather/mother
los abuelos grandparents
el/la nieto(a) grandson/daughter
los nietos grandchildren
el/la bisabuelo(a) great grandfather/mother
el/la bisnieto(a) great grandson/daughter
el/la tatarabuelo(a) great great grandfather/mother
el/la tataranieto(a) great great grandson/daughter
el/la hermano(a) brother, sister
los hermanos siblings
el/la tío(a) uncle, aunt
los tíos aunts and uncles
el/la primo(a) cousin
el/la sobrino(a) nephew, niece
los sobrinos nieces and nephews
la familia política in-laws
el/la suegro(a) father/mother-in-law
el yerno son-in-law
la nuera daughter-in-law
el/la cuñado(a) brother/sister-in-law
el padrastro step-father
la madrastra step-mother
el/la hermanastro(a) step-brother/sister
el/la  hijastro(a) step-son/daughter
el/la medio(a) hermano(a) half-brother/sister

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Flashcards: The Family

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[a]la familia
[a]los parientes
[a]el padre
[a]la madre
[a]los padres
[a]el papá
[a]el papi
[a]la mamá
[a]la mami
[q]husband, spouse
[a]el esposo
[q]wife, spouse
[a]la esposa
[a]el hijo
[a]la hija
[a]la abuela
[a]el abuelo
[a]los abuelos
[a]el nieto
[a]la nieta
[a]los nietos
[q]great grandmother
[a]la bisabuela
[q]great grandfather
[a]el bisabuelo
[q]great grandparents
[a]los bisabuelos
[q]great great grandmother
[a]la tatarabuela
[q]great great grandfather
[a]el tatarabuelo
[q]great great grandparents
[a]los tatarabuelos
[a]el hermano
[a]la hermana
[a]los hermanos
[a]el tío
[a]la tía
[q]aunts and uncles
[a]los tíos
[a]el primo, la prima
[a]el sobrino
[a]la sobrina
[q]nieces and nephews
[a]los sobrinos
[a]la familia política
[a]el suegro
[a]la suegra
[a]el yerno
[a]la nuera
[a]el cuñado
[a]la cuñada
[a]el padrastro
[a]la madrastra
[a]el hijastro
[a]la hijastra
[a]el medio hermano
[a]la media hermana

Practice Quiz: The Family

The Family

Translate the words to Spanish. Include a definite article (e.g. el, la) for all nouns.