The Daily Routine

Overview: The Daily Routine

despertar [e->ie] to wake up
levantar to lift
levantar + refl. to get up
bañar to bathe
bañar + refl. to take a bath
duchar to shower
duchar + refl. to take a shower
secar to dry (off)
vestir to dress
vestir + refl. to get dressed
poner la ropa [yo pongo] to put clothes on, get dressed
cepillar (los dientes, el pelo) to brush (teeth, hair)
peinar to comb
afeitar (las piernas) to shave (legs)
maquillar to put on makeup
poner el maquillaje to put on makeup
arreglar to fix
arreglar + refl. to get ready, do (as in hair)
quitar la ropa to take clothes off, get undressed
acostar [o->ue] to lay down
acostar + refl. to go to bed
dormir [o->ue] to sleep
dormir + refl. to fall asleep
soñar (con) [o->ue] to dream (about)
roncar to snore

Tutorial: The Daily Routine

Flashcards: The Daily Routine

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[q]to wake up
[a]despertar (e->ie)
[q]to lift
[q]to get up
[a]levantar + reflexive
[q]to bathe
[q]to take a bath
[a]bañar + reflexive
[q]to shower
[q]to take a shower
[a]duchar + reflexive
[q]to dry off
[q]to dress
[a]vestir (e->i)
[q]to get dressed
[a]vestir + reflexive (e->i)
[q]to put clothes on, get dressed
[a]poner la ropa (irregular yo -> pongo)
[q]to brush
[q]to comb
[q]to shave
[q]to put on makeup
[a]maquillar, poner el maquillaje
[q]to fix
[q]to get ready, to do (as in hair)
[a]arreglar + reflexive
[q]to take clothes off, get undressed
[a]quitar la ropa
[q]to lay down
[a]acostar (o->ue)
[q]to go to bed
[a]acostar (o->ue) + reflexive
[q]to sleep
[a]dormir (o->ue)
[q]to fall asleep
[a]dormir + reflexive
[q]to dream
[a]soñar (o->ue)
[q]to snore

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The Daily Routine

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