Subject Pronouns


singular plural
1st person yo nosotros/as
2nd person tú (informal)usted (formal) vosotros/as (informal)ustedes (formal)
3rd person él, ella ellos, ellas

Use the formal pronouns when:

  • situation is obviously formal
  • speaking to someone of higher rank/authority
  • speaking to someone older
  • you don´t know which to use

Tutorial: Subject Pronouns, Meaning

Tutorial: Subject Pronouns, Formal and Informal

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[q]you (singular, informal)


[q]you (singular, formal)






[q]it (masculine)


[q]it (feminine)


[q]we (all masculine or mixed gender)


[q]we (feminine)


[q]you (plural, informal in Spain, all masculine or mixed gender)


[q]you (plural, informal in Spain, feminine)


[q]you (plural, formal in Spain, no formality in Latin America)


[q]them (all masculine or mixed gender)


[q]them (feminine)



Practice Quiz: Subject Pronouns

Subject Pronouns

Give the equivalent subject pronoun in Spanish.