Overview: Relationships

la relación relationship
el/la amigo/a friend
la amistad friendship
el/la enamorado/a boyfriend, girlfriend
el/la novio/a boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, fiancée
el noviazgo courtship/dating, engagement
el/la prometido/a  fiancé, fiancée
comprometer + refl. pron. (con) to get engaged (to)
la pareja couple
el/la pretendiente suitor (someone interested in a relationship)
soltero single
casar to marry
casar + refl. pron. (con) to get married (to)
casado married
recién casado newly wed
la boda wedding
el matrimonio wedding, marriage
la luna de miel honeymoon
separar to separate
separar + refl. pron. to get separated
separado separated
la separación separation
divorciar to divorce
divorciar + refl. pron. to get divorced
divorciado divorced
el divorcio divorce
el/la viudo/a widower, widow
salir (con) to go out (with), to date
enamorar + refl. pron. (de) to fall in love (with)
conquistar to win over
coquetear to flirt
romper to break up

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[a]la relación
[a]el/la amigo/a
[a]la amistad
[q]boyfriend, girlfriend
[a]el/la enamorado/a, el/la novio/a
[q]fiancé, fiancée
[a]el/la novio/a, el/la prometido/a
[q]courtship/dating, engagement
[a]el noviazgo
[q]to get engaged
[a]la pareja
[q]suitor (someone interested in a relationship)
[a]el/la pretendiente
[q]to marry
[q]to get married to
[a]casarse con
[q]newly wed
[a]recién casado
[a]la boda, el matrimonio
[a]el matrimonio
[a]la luna de miel
[q]to separate
[q]to get separated
[a]la separación
[q]to divorce
[q]to get divorced
[a]el divorcio
[q]widow, widower
[a]el/la viudo/a
[q]to go out with, date
[a]salir con
[q]to fall in love with
[a]enamorarse de
[q]to win over
[q]to flirt
[q]to break up