Essential Verbs 8

Overview: Essential Verbs 8

aburrir to bore
   + refl. pron. to get bored
 acordar [o -> ue] to agree
   + refl. pron. to remember
alegrar to make happy
   + refl. pron. to be/get happy
anunciar to announce
borrar to erase
cansar to tire
   + refl. pron. to get tired
desarrollar to develop
devolver [o->ue] to return (a thing)
divertir [e->ie] to divert, to entertain
   + refl. pron. to have fun
durar to last
encantar to be enchanting/to love
enojar to anger
  +refl. pron. to get angry
fabricar to manufacture, to make
fascinar to be fascinating
fumar to smoke
guardar to keep/save
importar to matter, to be important/to care (about)
interesar to be interesting
lamentar to be sorry (about)
molestar to be annoying, to bother
permitir to permit, to allow
prohibir [spelling change ->prohíbo] to prohibit, to ban
prometer to promise
utilizar to use
votar to vote

Tutorial: Essential Verbs 8

Flashcards: Essential Verbs 8

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[q]to bore
[q]to get bored
[q]to agree
[q]to remember
[q]to make happy
[q]to be/get happy
[q]to announce
[q]to erase
[q]to tire
[q]to get tired
[q]to develop
[q]to return (a thing)
[q]to entertain
[q]to have fun
[q]to last
[q]to be enchanting/to love
[q]to anger
[q]to get angry
[q]to manufacture, to make
[q]to be fascinating
[q]to smoke
[q]to keep/save
[q]to matter, to be important/to care (about)
[q]to be interesting
[q]to be sorry (about)
[q]to be annoying, to bother
[q]to permit, to allow
[q]to prohibit, to ban
[q]to promise
[q]to use
[q]to vote

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