Essential Verbs 7

Overview: Essential Verbs 7

aceptar to accept
chocar to crash, collide
considerar to consider
convertir [e->ie] to turn into, to convert
corregir [e->i] to correct
cumplir to turn (age), to keep (word), to obey (law)
descubrir to discover
dirigir [spelling change ->yo dirijo] to run/manage, to direct
disculpar + refl. pronoun to apologize
equivocar + refl. pron. to be wrong
escoger [spelling change ->yo escojo] to choose
esconder to hide
esperar to hope, wait, expect
existir to exist
faltar to miss (be absent), to lack/not have enough
gritar to shout
llevar to carry, to take, to wear
memorizar to memorize
partir to leave/depart, to divide up
proteger [spelling change -> yo protejo] to protect
recoger [spelling change -> yo recojo] to pick up
recomendar [e->ie] to recommend
regatear to bargain
resultar to come of, to turn out
separar to separate

Tutorial: Essential Verbs 7

Flashcards: Essential Verbs 7

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[q]to accept
[q]to crash/collide
[q]to consider
[q]to turn into, to convert
[q]to correct
[q]to turn (age), to keep (word), to obey (law)
[a]to discover
[q]to run/manage, to direct
[q]to apologize
[a]disculpar + refl. pron.
[q]to be wrong
[a]equivocar + refl. pron.
[q]to choose
[q]to hide
[q]to hope, to wait, to expect
[q]to exist
[q]to miss (be absent), to lack/not have enough
[q]to shout
[q]to carry, to take, to wear
[q]to memorize
[q]to leave/depart, to divide up
[q]to protect
[q]to pick up
[q]to recommend
[q]to bargain
[q]to come of, to turn out
[q]to separate

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