Essential Verbs 5

Prerequisite: Reflexive Pronouns


abrazar hug
amar love
besar kiss
caber [yo quepo] fit
cambiar change
conseguir [e->i, yo consigo] get (obtain, achieve)
cortar cut
crear create
cuidar take care of
dejar leave (a thing)
dejar (+ de+ infinitive) to stop, quit
describir describe
despedir [e->i] fire
despedir + refl. (de) say goodbye (to)
discutir argue, challenge (contradict), discuss
gastar spend
intentar + infinitive try (an action)
invitar invite (and pay)
matar kill
ocurrir occur, happen
pasear take a walk, go for a ride
preparar prepare
probar [o->ue] try (food)
probar + refl. try on
romper break
sentir [e->ie] feel
sorprender surprise
suponer [yo supongo] suppose

Tutorial: Essential Verbs 5

Flashcards: Essential Verbs 5

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[q]to hug
[q]to love
[q]to kiss
[q]to fit
[a]caber (irregular yo -> quepo)
[q]to change
[q]to get (obtain, achieve)
[a]conseguir (spelling change -> consigo, e->i)
[q]to cut
[q]to take care of
[q]to create
[q]to leave (a thing)
[q]to describe
[q]to fire
[q]to say goodbye
[a]despedir + reflexive pronoun
[q]to argue, challenge (contradict), discuss
[q]to spend
[q]to try an action
[a]intentar + infinitive
[q]to invite (and pay)
[q]to kill
[q]to occur, happen
[q]to take a walk, go for a ride
[q]to prepare
[q]to try (food)
[q]to try on
[a]probar + reflexive pronoun
[q]to break
[q]to feel
[a]sentir (e->ie)
[q]to surprise
[q]to suppose
[a]suponer (irregular yo -> supongo)

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