Essential Verbs 4


Regular Verbs
apagar (turn off, put out)
asistir (attend) [+a with a noun]
ayudar (help) [+a with infinitive]
bajar (go down, lower)
bajar de (get off)
celebrar (celebrate)
conversar (converse/talk)
descansar (rest)
desear (desire/want)
ganar (win, earn)
llorar (cry)
practicar (practice)
prender (turn on, light)
prestar (lend)
regalar (to give (away)/gift)
saludar (to greet/say hello)
subir (to go up, raise)
subir a (to get on)
visitar (visit)

E -> IE
preferir (prefer)
sugerir (suggest)

Irregular Yo
crecer (grow) -> yo crezco

O -> UE
contar (to count, tell)
sonar (to sound)

destruir (destroy)

Wild and Crazy
reír (laugh) – río, ríes, ríe, reímos, reís, ríen
sonreír (smile) – same as reír

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Flashcards: Essential Verbs 4

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[q]to turn off, put out
[q]to attend
[q]to help
[q]to go down, lower
[q]to get off
[a]bajar de
[q]to celebrate
[q]to count, tell
[a]contar (o->ue)
[q]to converse, talk
[q]to grow
[a]crecer (irregular yo -> crezco)
[q]to rest
[q]to desire, want
[q]to destroy
[a]destruir (+y)
[q]to win, earn
[q]to cry
[q]to practice
[q]to prefer
[a]preferir (e->ie)
[q]to turn on, light
[q]to lend
[q]to give (away), gift
[q]to laugh
[a]reír (wild and crazy)
[q]to smile
[a]sonreír (wild and crazy)
[q]to go up, lift
[q]to get on
[a]subir a
[q]to suggest
[a]sugerir (e->ie)
[q]to visit

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