Essential Adjectives 1

Prerequisite: Adjectives


alto tall flaco  skinny
bajo short (in height) delgado  skinny
fuerte strong gordo fat
débil weak trabajador hard-working
feliz happy perezoso lazy
alegre happy rico rich, delicious
triste sad pobre poor
interesante interesting inteligente smart
aburrido boring, bored tonto stupid (silly)
bueno (buen) good guapo good-looking, handsome
malo (mal) bad bonito pretty, good-looking
grande (gran) big (after), great (before) feo ugly
pequeño small ocupado busy, occupied
corto short (in length/duration)
largo long (in length/duration)
viejo old
joven young
nuevo new

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[q] tall
[q]short (in height)
[a]feliz, alegre
[q]boring, bored
[a]bueno (buen)
[a]malo (mal)
[q]big, great
[a]grande (gran)
[q]short (in length/duration)
[q]long (in length/duration)
[a]delgado, flaco
[q]rich, delicious
[q]stupid (silly)
[q]good-looking, handsome
[a]guapo, bonito
[q]pretty, good-looking
[q]busy, occupied

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Essential Adjectives 1

Translate the words to Spanish using the Essential Adjectives 1 list. Use the masculine singular form.