Crucial Little Words


de nadayou´re welcome

no no
y and
o or
pero but
with me
with you
sin without
de from, of
en in, on, at
a to
mí (with sin, de, en, a) me
ti (with sin, de, en, a) you
pero but
si if
mucho a lot of, many  (with noun)
a lot, much (with verb)
poco a little, a few
muy very
más more
menos less, fewer
bien well
mal poorly
que that
por favor please
gracias thank you
también also, too

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[q]from, of
[q]in, on, at
[q]a lot of, many (with a noun)
[q]a lot, much (with a verb)
[q]a little, a few
[q]less, fewer
[a]por favor
[q]thank you
[q]you´re welcome
[a]de nada

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Crucial Little Words

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