Custom Courses in the Boulder, CO area

Big Time Spanish can meet all your organization’s need for Spanish language instruction and cultural awareness. We can help you connect with the Hispanic community by providing a highly efficient and personalized learning experience. Contact us to develop a Spanish course just for you:

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  • Your schedule

Big Time Spanish uses modern technology and contemporary learning practices to help you learn thoroughly and quickly. Through our dynamic and engaging programs, you can unlock your fullest potential and connect with the Spanish-speaking world.

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Brian Yates, Founder


About the founder

Brian Yates has a BA from Yale University and an MA from Villanova University in Hispanic Literature. Brian has taught Spanish for over 14 years at the university, community college and high school levels. He has extensive experience teaching adult professionals in areas such as customer relations, finance and health care. Brian has also developed innovative teaching techniques, which he uses in his courses and has presented at academic conferences throughout Colorado’s Front Range. Brian has lived in and traveled throughout the Spanish-speaking world and he incorporates this real-world knowledge and experience into his instruction.