Overview: Chores

el quehacer chore
limpiar to clean
lavar to wash
fregar to scrub
organizar to organize
arreglar to fix, to tidy up, to arrange
guardar to put away
la aspiradora vacuum cleaner
pasar la aspiradora to vacuum
el polvo dust
quitar el polvo to dust
sacar la basura to take out the trash
hacer/tender la cama to make the bed
poner la mesa to set the table
quitar la mesa to clear the table
doblar to fold
planchar to iron
el trapo rag
barrer to sweep
la escoba broom
trapear to mop
el trapeador  mop
vaciar [spelling change: yo vacío] to empty
cambiar to change
cortar el pasto to cut the grass
quitar/limpiar la nieve to shovel (snow)

Tutorial: Chores

Flashcards: Chores

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[a]el quehacer
[q]to clean
[q]to wash
[q]to scrub
[q]to organize
[q]to fix, tidy up, to arrange
[q]to put away
[q]vacuum cleaner
[a]la aspiradora
[q]to vacuum
[a]pasar la aspiradora
[a]el polvo
[q]to dust
[a]quitar el polvo
[q]to take out the trash
[a]sacar la basura
[q]to make the bed
[a]hacer/tender la cama
[q]to set the table
[a]poner la mesa
[q]to clear the table
[a]quitar la mesa
[q]to fold
[q]to iron
[a]el trapo
[q]to sweep
[a]la escoba
[q]to mop
[a]el trapeador
[q]to empty
[q]to change
[q]to cut the grass
[a]cortar el pasto
[q]to shovel (snow)
[a]quitar/limpiar la nieve

Practice Quiz: Chores


Write the English words in Spanish. Include a definite article with all nouns (e.g. el, la).